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Ruskin Agricultural

Ruskin Agricultural: Air-Assisted sprayers from Ruskin Ag. making it possible to do more with less.

Ruskin Ag
The agricultural industry has long sought a way to improve the application of pesticides, which is one of the most expensive and environmentally critical parts of an operation. Major growers have found that way, in Ruskin Ag Equipment Inc.’s air-assisted sprayers from Lauren Hailey Technologies (LHT).

Making it possible to do more with less, Ruskin Ag sprayers let growers decrease product-usage rates and water volume while increasing critical coverage. Airboom technology makes it possible for a smaller amount of product to penetrate the densest canopy more thoroughly. This total coverage results in cleaner, healthier crops, higher yields, less overspray and a better return on investment.

LHT designs, sells, installs and services air-assisted sprayers to suit individual growers’ needs. Customized sprayers are in place in orchards, nurseries and with growers of citrus trees, cotton, blueberries, peppers, tomatoes, melons, carrots, lettuce, beans, strawberries, squash, soybeans, potatoes, corn and many other crops. Ruskin Ag air-assisted sprayers are effective in all agricultural applications and, as evidenced in a report by United States Department of Agriculture scientists, no other air system can come close to the results of this technology when used to control insects on cotton plants.

In the report, published in the Journal of Cotton Science, Harold R. Sumner of the USDA and Gary A. Herzog of the Department of Entomology at the University of Georgia’s Coastal Plain Experiment Station assessed the effectiveness of air-assisted and hydraulic sprayers on cotton plants. They found that “the air-assisted sprayer provided the best insect mortality throughout the canopy.” The report further stated: “Pesticides applied to control specific cotton insects need to be deposited at the place or places within the plant canopy where the insects feed.”

Unlike systems that just expel a blanket of air, LHT’s Ruskin Ag sprayers use directed spraying that delivers the treatment from nozzles right to the target area. The exclusive fan produces air pressure that is within 1 percent of the same on all nozzles, and the maximum reach of 108 inches is larger than other sprayers.


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This video demonstrates how the air blast moves the leaves so every surface is covered, but not soaked.

Even in the densest crops, time-saving Ruskin Ag sprayers provide maximum penetration and all-sides leaf coverage over substantially much more acreage per day. Water usage drops from the expected 150 to 200 gallons per acre to as low as eight gallons per acre, with most customers averaging about 30 gallons per acre. The design of the sprayer’s Airboom Nozzle makes it possible to use the lowest possible carrier volumes for herbicide, insecticide and fungicide applications. That efficiency reduces the amount of chemical required for coverage by an impressive 25 to 50 percent – and that’s good for the environment and for your bottom line.

LHT’s Ruskin Ag sprayers are available in three-point models with a capacity of 55 to 300 gallons, trailer models with a capacity of 200 to 1,500 gallons, and custom-made booms up to 109 feet.

Among LHT’s many Ruskin Ag customers is Patterson Farm, which produces many fruits and vegetables, and which is one of North Carolina’s largest tomato growers. Other LHT sprayer customers include Blueberry Hill Farms, Beechwood Farms, Bottomley Farms, Burch Farms, Ivanhoe Blueberry Farms, Jackson Farming Company, Lewis Nursery & Farms, Rowan Farms and Wilson Farms.

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