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Whether you grow nursery stock, food crops or livestock, the agriculture industry is difficult, labor-intensive and subject to variables that are hard to control. Lauren Hailey Technologies (LHT) specializes in systems and products that can improve your business while reducing the use of water and fungicides.

Before recommending solutions, our experts diagnose your water-quality problems and offer education about these and related issues. All our systems are good for the environment and all can save you money. The result is a company that has earned near total customer satisfaction.

LHT designs, sells and services automated copper ionization systems by Aqua-Hort® easily operated energized-water systems by Energy Systems Plus (E.S.P.), and automated custom sprayers by Ruskin Ag Equipment. Our impressive client list includes some of the largest, most respected and profitable growers of food crops and greenhouse plants. Among them are Metrolina Greenhouses, the world’s largest greenhouse under one roof, and Patterson Farm Inc., one of North Carolina’s largest tomato growers.

Whether your operation is large or small, if you’re a quality grower who cares about the environment as well as your business, Lauren Hailey Technologies is a name you need to know. You’ll find many answers in this website, and we’re always glad to consult with you by phone or you can email us. 

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